Musician References:

Robin Hood Brians, father of the  East Texas/Tyler "Rose Town" sound:

 Robin Hood Studios/Sunnybrook Music Publishing

903-561-2020 or 214-245-0006

David Card - owner of Poor David's Pub, Dallas, TX : 214-565-1295

"Bugs" Henderson - Texas blues guitar legend - "a national musical treasure" according to musicologists:  903-755-4888

Ken "Nardo" Murray - legendary Texas drummer: 903-530-7577

David Stanley - Texas bass guitar legend; of the original Stanley Brothers:


Miguel Antonio Tolley - world-class flamenco guitarist/teacher:


"Mouse" - Ronnie Weiss - Texas guitar legend, earliest Neo-Dylan punk rocker- "Pappa Punk", according to Rolling Stone Magazine:


Personal References:

Sherri Baer, chairperson, Park Cities La Fiesta de la Seis Banderas:


Bill/Mary Bickley, friends/fans : 214-361-4331

Claire Black - Lakewood Republican Women's Club:  214-878-4312

Patti Kennedy ,parent/wedding party: 214-526-5698

Janice Lamoreaux - chairperson, Park Cities La Fiesta de la Seis Banderas:


Paul/Becky Lee - Highland Park School Board Member/Musician: 214-692-9439

Joe Neuhoff - former neighbor/wedding party: 972-878-2403

Linda Raya - Fine Arts Coordinator, Highland Park High School: 214-341-1573

Jenni Scoggins, Director Highland Park Alumni Association: 214-780-3060         

            Melissa Wise, parent/Christmas dinner party: 214-373-9595